Kanye West’s Paris Debut – hot or not

I happened to be surfing around I found an article on Kanye West’s Fashion runway debut in Paris.  all Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Now while I only posted a few here, you can see more at Fashionista.com.  After looking at all of the pieces, I will agree that there is a problem of fit. Models are living and breathing mannequins and everything should fit them well. This is why these girls are chosen for runway. Overall, I personally thought it was a decent first effort but it doesn’t have any cohesion or voice. There was not really a theme to the collection and I am not sure the roughness around the edges of the designs were to represent his roughness around the edges.

If he should want to try again, suggest getting a great design and sewing team. I am also not  sure why he felt the need to rush his debut. He would have probably done better had he waited to debut for fall/winter 2012 show season.

But am I sure he will bounce back from what the article stated. After all , it is Kanye we are talking about here :)

Polyvore.com———– LOVE LOVE LOVE this site

I know I am slow when it comes to finding great fashion sites besides STYLE.com ( Fashion OnLine bible) but my friend Danielle ( Thank you) introduced me to this wonderful site called Polyvore.

This site is truly a wonderful site for fashion, interior design and art. When you first get there, you see these wonderful sets of fashion and art all pieced together.  What I learned is that users can make these wonderful sets of pieces that they love. I was in complete awe and amazement. After a few tries of actually making an account, I finally did and within the first 30 mins, made 3 sets. I was totally enamored with it.

I have already entered 2 contests and even if I may not win, truth is my inner stylist is having a great time.  I advise any budding stylist, fashionista or artist to go and check it out and while you are there check out my page and let me know what you think.


Going Across the world to try something new

While surfing around tumblr one day, I saw a post of a sweater I thought was amazing. I did a lil more digging online and found where the sweater could be ordered.  The site is called Yesstyle.com. It is a e-commerce website for Asian Fashions. You can find clothing from designers from Taiwan, Japan and Korea.  What I find amazing is that site has so many designers and styles to choose from and covers both men and women. What I love about Yes Style is the price of the product. Most of the lines they carry on par with places like H&M, Gap, Forever 21, Banana Republic and so on. It really all depends on what you are looking for in particular. If you are interested in shopping with them, definitely sign up to be a member so you can become an Elite Member. You can get savings on most goods when you become one. The more you spend within a year, the higher your membership in the elite club becomes.  You can gain savings almost like most companies have now.

So, I ordered two Items  A color block loose fit top in gray and navy and a contrast trim cardigan Prices being $19.80 and $24.00 respectively. The color block top is see thru so wearing something underneath is in order. The top is very comfy and caring for it means hand washing. I will probably be using a mild detergent like Woolite. The cardigan is great. It has a cupcake pin which you can take off and on depending your mood.

The shipping from there is very fast. I placed my order on 9-24-11 and received today 9-27-11. To me, that is extremely fast considering it is coming from overseas.  The shipping is very reasonable and no tax was charged.. ( Even Better) :)

I will definitely be shopping from yes style again. Some of the pieces over there are things that I know I would not be able to readily find here. It is always nice to find a new place to shop.

Very Collegiate looking

Isnt it cute ?

Fashion to a Fashion Show…….

Well I currently work at Express in Soho and today I was asked to dress a young lady for the Herve Leger Fashion Show… this afternoon. She came in at 12:23 to be at the show at 2:00pm. To say my nerves were on edge was an understatement. I wanted her to look fabulous. She really and truly loved the fashionable and sexy silhouettes of Express’ new suiting for the Fall. I will show the pieces I dressed her in. Please note : She was model Height and a size 0.

She wore: High waisted Color Block in Black and Brown,  Rouched 2 Button Jacket in Camel, Sequin Cami in Beige and Leopard Heels.

I do hope she got rave reviews cause the outfit looked amazing.

Summer Season ends the dreaded season of Muffin Top- THANK YOU :)

Every season in fashion, we see trends come and go. One trend however seems to be recurring….. the dreaded muffin top. Every late spring early summer, young women seem to want to show more flesh than is truly necessary.



Loves this Image because this is what I see everyday

So please explain to me why that is?!!?!?

Now while I know there are people who will say, I am proud of my body and its curves and imperfections.. OK I get that.

BUT…… BUT how is muffin top acceptable on someone who does not have fat really anywhere else but around the tummy area and WHY do you need to subject me to it?

I mean after all, no one would talk about muffin top if it was contained in the privacy of people’s homes.

Now there are so many ways to respect yourself and the rest of the world and take care of not showing your “Excess Baggage”.

Muffin top came in to existence because poeple do not want to accept they have gained weight.  The biggest culprit or indicator of weight gain is usually is the JEAN!!!

I dont care how much stretch they put in denim these days, they always show that commercial women laying on the bed to put them on.

Now those women in the commercials do not have muffin top so what makes you think you with your tummy should really want to wear something that doesn’t fit.

And if that isn’t bad enough , the TIGHT ASS , SPANDEX Crying cause your stretching out shirt has to be worn to exacerbate (big word I know, GOOGLE IT) the muffin top issue.

See what I mean!!!!!

Do me a favor, wear a top that flow or is loose fitting. One of fashion rules especially in outfitting, if you are wearing one tight piece, the other piece should be looser.

Play up your sex appeal not your NAST – A appeal.




Fashion Night out aka FNO happening on September 8th, 2011

Well lovelies, the time is coming closer to FNO or Fashion Night out.  This night introduces people to shopping after hours at some of the most glamorous places around the world. Fashion with its creatively and expression brings all levels of fashionistas both beginning and experienced.

To make sure your Fashion journey goes well, go the website http://fashionsnightout.com/. They have listed all the events happening around NYC and there is a link to World wide events.

Working in retail I have experienced fashion night out since its inception 3 years ago. The streets of NYC were flooded with shoppers and celebrities were brimming at some of New York’s high-profile stores.  I am having no doubt that this year will be truly spectacular. I look forward to reading all the websites, blogs, and seeing images from the night on various social media outlets. Unfortunately, I will be working early that day but my job is having their own fashion night out in Soho.  It should be a fun time.

I hope I can get a t-shirt this year. :)

My Love for a New York Designer – Ralph Lauren

Being a fashion merchandising student, we sometimes in our assignments need to do research on designers. I did a paper on one of my favorites Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx ( so of course I love him already being a New Yorker) but to learn he started out making ties completely fascinated me. This man’s designs are all american and so timeless and classic and to think it all started with designing ties. While I do not currently own any Ralph Lauren pieces, I am a huge fan. Since I am classic dresser, my favorite season designs from him are always the fall seasons.  Fall is my season because I love all the rich tones and colors the season bring and I have a serious love affair with layering.

From his Fall RTW 2007 these were my favs from his show

All the pieces above are absolutely amazing. Photos courtesy of Style.com and Marcio Maderia. All the fabrics are amazing and look they would feel amazing on the skin.

Fast Forward to fall RTW 2010 ( current season weather wise) here are two of my Favs

Photos courtesy of Style.com

As you see fantastic layering, beautiful florals and touches of lace and wool. Now this isn’t to say I don’t appreciate his spring or resort but I always loved fall probably because I was born in the fall.  Ralph Lauren is one of the few designers who I would tell people to buy. HIs clothing is simply stunning and makes a great addition to anyone’s closet. Every piece he makes canbe worn year after year without you feeling dated and there are not many designers who can do that.

Interview with a beautiful, up and coming model, Imahn

Thanks to the internet and social media increases,  I have the opportunity to reach USA wide via twitter a hew model citizen Imahn.  Imahn is located in Charlotte, NC. She was gracious enough to take time out to be interviewed.

Thank you Imahn.













1)      How long have you been a Model?

 I started modeling at age four; around twelve years old is when I took my career into my own hands and began searching for work and representation.

2)      Tell me what got you started in modeling?

Initially my mother place me into modeling and acting because of my bright personality, love of the mirror and camera! As I grew older I noticed that I looked different from most kids, I was super tall! I also loved fashion, and wanted to be a fashion designer. I realized that I wasn’t so great at that, and figured I would look better modeling the clothes.

3)      What do you like most about being a model?

 I love learning, especially since learning is something you can never stop. Researching and exploring new poses and facial expressions is a thrill to me. I know that I have much to learn in order to perfect my craft, and I own that. Learning is how I have stayed steadfast in this industry. Even when I am a mainstream model, I will never stop learning.

4)      What is your least favorite part of being a model?

 Modeling is my passion but there are some times I am discouraged. Runway models are typically rail thin, and I am not. But I am still in shape, but I believe my bustier build sometimes hinders me. This is why I have learned how to photograph less busty. Modeling is a illusion, and a great model makes positives out of the negatives.

5)      Where do you see your career going?

This is a question I ask myself every day; I aspire to be a high fashion model. But I also see myself doing an abundance of commercial work. Commercial work is awesome; it is very flexible with a models everyday lifestyle. I have a degree and plan to utilize that degree and model; so that path would be fitting for me as well.

6)      Have you participated in a modeling/photography workshop?

Yes, since the age of twelve I have done several workshops and even attended Barbizon modeling school. With any experience you have to try and obtain something valuable from the experience, which I did. But I believe a model is born not made, and I was never taught to be a model, a model is who I am.

7)      What advice would you give to those who want to become a model?

An aspiring model should always stay zealous and aware. Love the industry, love your craft and beware of scams or people trying to take advantage of you. Also remember if you are going to go down this career path be ready for the ride, and don’t take any short cuts. A true model was never handed her career.

8)      Who would be your dream person to work with?

I am a fan of duo photo shoots, it is a amazing to feed off another person’s energy in a shoot. Skin tone, weight, or height contrast is great for this style of shoot as well.

9)      What was your most creative shoot?

I am my biggest critic, so I believe that I have not yet reached my most creative shoot. I have done several outside shoots, but I think the most thrilling shoot was a shot right in the heart of busy downtown Washington, DC. It was February and freezing, with thousands of tourists parading by.

10)  What magazine is your dream to work with?

 I grew up reading Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Some of the most beautiful faces have graced their covers. I think Harper’s Bazaar represents every woman, with a touch of glam. As a model I want to be that sparkling, dazzling, high fashion model but I also want to be the relatable, down to earth model. So in short, I would be honored to grace Bazaar’s cover. 

11)  Any favorite time period that inspires you?

The 1940’s and 1950’s fashion is a amazing time in history. Women looked so feminine and confident in their appearance. I absolutely love how the hugged women’s bodies. These styles of clothing allowed women to be sophisticated, fun, classy, but most importantly SEXY! I plan to do a shoot inspired by these time periods. I have been waiting for the right wardrobe choice, the goodwill of the thrift store will have the best choices.

12)  What do you think a model should do to prepare for a shoot?

 Preparing for a shoot can be nerve wracking, especially if you are shooting for the first time with a photographer.  I am a Christian, so first and foremost I pray. But that’s just me. If a model has her shoot planned out ahead of time, she/he definitely needs to get exercise in. Cut down on sodium intake you DO NOT want to be bloated. Absolutely no drinking alcohol the night before a shoot, but do get plenty of water prior to the shoot. Relaxation and rest the night before is essential and by far the most important. Personally, I have lazy eyes, and if I am tired, that is not going to go over well on the camera. Wardrobe and model back should be pack day before shoot, rushing lead to a disoriented model. Models need to channel positive energy, as we are artist and we need to go in ready to work.

13)  What’s your trade beauty tip?

 Try using a great bronzer if you have skin that allows you to be light on foundation. Over the years I have worked on clearing my acne, and I have become successful. Now I do not need a lot of make up on a daily basis. A golden bronzer will give you a clean, chic look with a hint of pizzazz.

14)  What might we find in your model bag?

Goodness, that bag is going to be a mess to dig through. But you would find foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow,  Blush (a must have), bronzer, lip gloss, tweezers, a washcloth, tooth paste, toothbrush, face wash, nail polish, razor, baby oil, comb, brush, hairspray, extra pair of shoes, underwear, a snack, water, vitamin water, business cards. Anything you think a model needs I am sure I have it in my bag! As you may notice, I didn’t say flat iron; I stay away from unnecessary heat on my hair.

15)  Do you have any favorite photographers and which one would you most want to work with?

Gilles Bensimon essentially transforms the way a model comes through the camera, and I love that about his work. Models and photographers depend on each other and I would love to depend on a man with work like his!

16)  Are you multitalented (doing more than just modeling)?

I have some experience in commercial acting, and I am also a wedding planner in for the Levine Museum of the new South.

17)  What is the one thing a model should always have with them? 

 Wow! One thing, that is hard to decide on. But I will say a model must always have…Drum Roll…Blush. Blush accentuates cheek bones, looks simple and beautiful.

18)  Anything else we should know about you?

 I mentioned earlier that modeling is a talent and passion of mine. When I first started in the industry as a child, my manager engulfed me into acting. I am proficient at scripts and sold reads. I hope to dabble in acting as my career progresses.

Thanks you SO MUCH IMAHN!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you much success.

If you wish to reach out to Imahn, you can reach her at http://www.jnsqmodels.com/

Makeup Artist Interview with the Superfly Natasha Renee

Today’s Interview is with the wonderfully talented Natasha Renee. I have worked with Natasha and I loved her work. She has a wonderful personality which I believe is key when working with someone.

Thank You Natasha for taking time out to answer my questions.

1)  How long have you been a Makeup Artist? 

Ive been doing makeup going on 13 years now.

 2)  Tell me what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

  I was brought into makeup artistry when I started modeling. Once showed how to do our own makeup and saw my own transformation I knew I can achieve success at this.

3) What do you like most about being a makeup artist?

I love the fact I can bring out confidence if it was lost, if a surgical procedure left a flaw and the client isnt happy with it I can fix it and show them how to achieve the same results. I love the fact I always leave them with a smile on their face and that always brightens my day and I know I have reached my goal at peoples’ happiness.

 4) What is your least favorite part of being a makeup artist?

 My least favorite part is when I have to leave the client and they are still beaming. You get attached to each person and have a bond for life especially if it is a time in their life to remember (prom,wedding,etc)

5)  Where  do you see your career going?

I can see my career only growing more. Im open to learning new techniques, accepting changes in fashion and adapting.

6)      Have you ever thought about doing a workshop?

I do teach classes whether one-on- one or group sessions. I love showing people what I know, where some people don’t want to teach their trade secrets. Im definitely not that person.

7)      What advice would you give to those who want to become a makeup artist?

Follow your dreams. This is a career and not a hobby, so it takes time and money to be one of the best. Creativity and interpersonal skills is a must.

8)      Who would be your dream person to make up?

 I was saddened of Lena Hornes’ death. She was my dream idol.

9)      What was your most creative shoot?

I was called to do a music video and had to make all the dancers look like robots by using silver bodypaint. To see the finished product on BET brought tears to my eyes.

10)  What magazine is your dream to work with?

I am a fan of all the magazines whether locally or world wide, so any one that would love to be graced by my creativity.

11)  Any favorite time period that inspires you?

I am inspired by the late 60s early 70s, the Marilyn Monroe and Julie Newmar pin-up girl looks.

12)  Do you think makeup artist should go to school to learn?

No, if you can find a makeup artist to shadow under you will learn the techniques that the schools will not teach.

13)  What’s your trade beauty tip?

 Don’t be afraid to use color whether it be eyeshadow or lipcolor and use eyelashes everyday, they are addictive and make your eyes pop.

14)  What might we find in your makeup kit?

In my makeup kit you will find makeup brands from your neighborhood stores to the high end retailer brands. The result is the same it is the technique that is used that differs.

15)  Do you have any favorite photographers and which one would you most want to work with?

 Well you of course and I a photographer in Hanover,Md (Kevin Johnson) that I recommend to anyone in the Maryland area. I don’t have one that I most want to work with as long as I am given a chance.

16)  Are you multitalented (doing more than just makeup)?

Yes I also do hair, nails and a esthetician.

17)  What is the one thing a makeup artist should always have in their kit?

Moisturizer is the key essential to the start of a flawless face.

18)  Anything else we should know about you?

No, I think if I’m given the opportunity to work with anyone my best is brought out and a lasting impression is left in my heart which pushes me to learn and do more. Thank you for this opportunity and I am truly honored to be apart of your site. smooches

You Are Quite Welcome Natasha :)

If you wish to contact Natasha, you can reach her at makeupbynatasharenee@yahoo.com

Interview with the very talented Michelle Larner.

Today’s interview is with a wonderful woman who has talent oozes out of her ears. I have only had the opportunity to work with Michelle once but I never forgot her or her talent.

I want to thank Michelle for taking time  to talk with me.





















1) How long have you been a Makeup Artist?

Since 1997, professionally. But, I was always curious and fascinated by makeup, since childhood.

2) Tell me what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Well, my family is full of hairdressers. It’s a related skill, in the blood. I was also captivated by films and magazines. I tried duplicating the looks that I saw there.

3) What do you like most about being a makeup artist?

I love that no two days are alike. I also get to step into worlds that I would never have seen otherwise. I meet people from all different cultures, religions, ages.

4) What is your least favorite part of being a makeup artist?

Proving my value as an artist. We are not all alike, and just the price is the difference. Not true.

5) Where do you see your career going?

Along the way, I learned what my stamina can handle, and my patience. I don’t take work, that I know I am not suitable for. I did try a little bit of everything along the way. It was fun, and a great experience. But I know the genres that I am best for.


6) Have you ever thought about doing a workshop?

Yes and no. I am best one on one at the moment. I see other makeup artists offer courses, which I think is a great thing. At the moment, I can’t see myself doing it. I also think that most of what I do, can not be taught. It has to come from a drift, a feeling, an inspiration, that is unique to the artist. The rest would be just breaking down a few looks, and getting someone to churn out the same idea, step by step.

7) What advice would you give to those who want to become a makeup artist?

I am strongly opinionated about this. This isn’t a slumber party with a paycheck. Do you think that you are strong enough to make this your sole profession, and survive from what you are earning  I wish those with spouses, 9 to 5 jobs, that are looking to do this for fun, or the love of makeup, really not take jobs away from true makeup artists, that devote their whole lives and being to this career.

8) Who would be your dream person to make up?

That’s a challenging answer. There are faces that are beautiful, that belong to ugly souls. In other words, you may not enjoy working with your fantasy celebrity. If I had to pick one, I would say, Sophia Loren. Seems to be a rare combination of beauty through and through, inside and out.

9) What was your most creative shoot?

I was an assistant body painter to the makeup artist Joanne Gair. What an incredible woman. Gracious, humble and funny beyond words. It was an incredible experience. I learned a lot from her.

10) What magazine is your dream to work with?

Vogue, Vogue, Vogue. I don’t care which country it’s from, just want to be in there once. Also, I would love to have a chance to work with the NY Post, for there weekly fashion shoots. I know this is one extreme to the next, but this is what I want.

11) Any favorite time period that inspires you?

I am not so much interested in the past, as I am about the future. I am more so influenced by a country and culture, than a time period.

12) Do you think makeup artist should go to school to learn?

 I didn’t. But, can’t hurt to try once, and start somewhere.

13) What’s your trade beauty tip?

Please take good care of your skin. Clean your face properly. Get facials. Avoid excessive sun exposure. I have seen horrific skin issues. A lot of it could have been avoided. Most of it can be corrected, and controlled. Its amazing the amount of active, corrective product choices available. Please use something. I often see total neglect, premature aging, dehydration and damage.

14) What might we find in your makeup kit?

I use a variety of products. All different companies. Some expensive, some not. I love them all equally. I couldn’t live without my false lashes. I buy them in bulk. I go through them like water.

15) Do you have any favorite photographers and which one would you most want to work with?

 I work mostly with the same people. That’s a good and a bad idea. I feel my print work got better, when I understood how each of their cameras interpreted my work. I really do feel that a camera is a machine, and each one is very different. The outcome for makeup will be different for each photoshoot, even if I did the exact same makeup, on the same face.

16) Are you multitalented (doing more than just makeup)?

I also do eyelash extensions, spray tanning and waxing.

17) What is the one thing a makeup artist should always have in their kit?

Sponges. I can’t live without them.

18) Anything else we should know about you?

I am very shy mostly. I prefer to have my work speak for me, than speaking for my work. This is a special treat to be interviewed, thankyou kindly!

You are quite welcome Michelle.

If you wish to work with Michelle, you can reach her at makeupbymichelle@aol.com

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