With Spring on its way, The trench coat is not far behind

As we are getting ever closer to spring and beautiful spring like days appear, the time to shed the heavy down filled coat is coming. With that said what could possibly be the in between jacket or coat to tie us beautiful ladies over. Enter the trench. Now we all know the Trench has a solid history made famous by no other than London Fog. Yes London Fog has some beautiful trenches but since I’m trying to save you ladies a few dollars, here are a few recommendations.

First up  Gap Mid Length Trench Price $88.00.  I know I know $88.00 may seem pricey but being from the Gap, one of the more well trusted American retailers, you honestly can’t go wrong. Beauty is it is 100% cotton, machine washable and comes in petite and tall sizes. (perfect for a girl like me)

Second Target or Tar-jey ( its boutique pronunciation) Mossimo Satin wrap Trench Price $ 39.99. A lil less than half than the Gap trench, this jacket is 100% polyester nylon with a 100% polyester nylon lining. Fabulous Color to brighten your spirits.   Drawback though Dry clean Only 😦

Third up OLD Navy Cotton/ Linen blend trench.  Old navy has definitely stepped up its game as of late but that because the Gap finally realiszed they can make quality clothing while not charging an arm and leg. Price $49.50.  Blend is 55% linen and 45% cotton and Yes it is machine washable loves.

Now there are a plethora of trenches out there but I chose the ones I would love to keep in my closet. Remember price conscious fashionistas, we always need a classic item as part of our wardrobe 😉


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