Let’s become “Clog” Horses ;)

I dedicate this blog to one of my new friends , Jessica who seems to have her pulse on this trend for the summer CLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are UGG Clogs listed on Zappos for $130.00

Yes I said it people Clogs.  Now before you start to have a hissy fit about the above price of those clogs, I will give you my philosophy on buying shoes.  Ladies, your feet are important to take care of like you hair , nails and any other beauty regimen you may have.  Remember, feet help you get around and you should always be comfortable.  I believe you should definitely spend good money on shoes but I don’t want you to spend $130.00 on clogs. 🙂  

Let me be the fiscally responsible  fashionista and find you some fashionable clogs for a great price.  One site that I love and I am sure most of you have shopped is Zappos.com. I wish I could visit Zappos one day just to see the size of what their warehouse and order processing must look like. 🙂

First up White Mountain Clog named Nacho  in  Chocolate Brown priced for $69.00 on Zappos.com.  White mountain is a fantastic brand and they make comfy shoes. I know this cause I used to work a for a company that did lots of business with them and I own a pair of their shoes 😉 These clogs have a wonderful embellishments and have the almost traditional look of a great clog.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

Next up , The Spring step Cheri at Shoebuy.com for $59.95.  Now I chose these for pure cuteness factor. Loving the flower and the buckle. Nice change for a shoe that’s a usual slip-on .

Last but not least for you Divas, I give you the Jessica Simpson Korrin Clog priced at Shoebuy.com for $63.16 ( currently 20% off from $79.00). I have from very trusted sources (aka my friends) that Jessica Simpson’s shoes are extremely comfy so I’m passing that lil tidbit on to you. If you don’t agree, blame my friends 🙂  Noticed the fur around the opening and the man-made sole which looks to have a good grip which is good for you walking fashionistas.  I don’t recommend you walk around in heels all day unless you been doing that since birth. For those just getting used to idea of heels, treat it like you learning to walk and take baby steps when learning to walk in heels.

So Lovelies, you know what your next step is. Get you some superfly clogs and pair them with your fav dress or capris.


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