Makeup Artist Interview with the Fantastic Glasslips

Hey my budding fashionistas.  To add a little more spice to the blog ( which I have sadly neglected), I will be interviewing people who are in the fashion industry. The interviews will range from makeup artists, photographers, stylists, specialists, buyers you name it. Anyone in fashion.

Today’s Interview is with Glasslips.

Glasslips is a phenomenal makeup artist that I have worked on more than one occasion. She is extremely talented and professional. Based in NYC (Fashion Mecca), she took time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions.

Hi Magali aka Glasslips. Thanks for taking time out to talk with me today.

1) How long have you been a Makeup Artist?

I’d like to say I’ve been a make up artist since the age of 6 when I first started experimenting with my mothers make up as a child. I have been freelancing for the past 10 years though. I attended Cinema Make Up School in Hollywood California in 2003.

2) Tell me what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Fashion magazines I would see as a child first sparked my initial interest in make up. The bold crisp colors of the 80’s did it for me. Kevin Acoin was a big inspiration also. I bought all his books and tried to master his techniques. Ve Neil, also a big inspiration. A female success story in the special effects field.

3) What do you like most about being a makeup artist?

The creativity, the glamour and the mess of it all.

4) What is your least favorite part of being a makeup artist?

I pretty much love it all. Washing brushes is pretty tedious though.

5) Where do you see your career going?

My career so far has taken me in so many different directions, from music videos, to magazine shoots, commercial spots and weddings. I enjoy weddings the most and also the finished product of a really successful fashion shoot. I’ll stay open to whatever the universe throws my way.

6) Have you ever thought about doing a workshop?

Yes. I may be giving classes this summer due to overwhelming interest. Lots of women want to experiment with make up but don’t know where to start.

7) What advice would you give to those who want to become a makeup artist?

You have to love it. You may have to work for free to build your portfolio, the long hours and the heavy ass case you have to carry is just not worth it if you don’t love what you do.

8) Who would be your dream person to make up?

Jennifer Lopez has always been my dream subject, but lately I’d love to get my hands on Lady Gaga.

9) What was your most creative shoot?

Gothic Hangman always has some creative sh!t up his sleeve. Whether it’s involving, birds, branches, goblins and sandwich meat, he’s your man.

10) What magazine is your dream to work with?


11) Any favorite time period that inspires you?

Not really any one particular time period that inspires me the most. I mean, I do have my favorites like the paleness of the renaissance era, or the bold shiny colors of the 80’s. I love where make up is going now. The sequence and stones and pushing the envelope. Things that are new fresh and different are most inspiring to me.

12) Do you think makeup artist should go to school to learn?

Not necessarily, if you have natural talent everything else you can learn from a book, or through trial and error. What make up school can teach you that you may not be aware had you not gone to school are the sanitation practices that are so important. It is so important to clean your brushes and sterilize. Clean hands are a must and you must replace your product often.

13) What’s your trade beauty tip?

concealer, bronzer, lipgloss. that’s all you need.

14) What might we find in your makeup kit?

Astarte pressed powders. So hard to find. But so worth it.

15) Do you have any favorite photographers and which one would you most want to work with?

Gilles Bennsimon, Janine Addison.

16) Are you multitalented (doing more than just makeup)?

I do hair and nails too, but only if I have to, and then I have to charge you.

17) What is the one thing a makeup artist should always have in their kit?

Make Up remover and wet wipes.

18) Anything else we should know about you?

No. That’s all for now.

Thank you Magali.

If you wish to work with Glasslips, you can reach her on her website


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