My Love for a New York Designer – Ralph Lauren

Being a fashion merchandising student, we sometimes in our assignments need to do research on designers. I did a paper on one of my favorites Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx ( so of course I love him already being a New Yorker) but to learn he started out making ties completely fascinated me. This man’s designs are all american and so timeless and classic and to think it all started with designing ties. While I do not currently own any Ralph Lauren pieces, I am a huge fan. Since I am classic dresser, my favorite season designs from him are always the fall seasons.  Fall is my season because I love all the rich tones and colors the season bring and I have a serious love affair with layering.

From his Fall RTW 2007 these were my favs from his show

All the pieces above are absolutely amazing. Photos courtesy of and Marcio Maderia. All the fabrics are amazing and look they would feel amazing on the skin.

Fast Forward to fall RTW 2010 ( current season weather wise) here are two of my Favs

Photos courtesy of

As you see fantastic layering, beautiful florals and touches of lace and wool. Now this isn’t to say I don’t appreciate his spring or resort but I always loved fall probably because I was born in the fall.  Ralph Lauren is one of the few designers who I would tell people to buy. HIs clothing is simply stunning and makes a great addition to anyone’s closet. Every piece he makes canbe worn year after year without you feeling dated and there are not many designers who can do that.


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