Summer Season ends the dreaded season of Muffin Top- THANK YOU :)

Every season in fashion, we see trends come and go. One trend however seems to be recurring….. the dreaded muffin top. Every late spring early summer, young women seem to want to show more flesh than is truly necessary.



Loves this Image because this is what I see everyday

So please explain to me why that is?!!?!?

Now while I know there are people who will say, I am proud of my body and its curves and imperfections.. OK I get that.

BUT…… BUT how is muffin top acceptable on someone who does not have fat really anywhere else but around the tummy area and WHY do you need to subject me to it?

I mean after all, no one would talk about muffin top if it was contained in the privacy of people’s homes.

Now there are so many ways to respect yourself and the rest of the world and take care of not showing your “Excess Baggage”.

Muffin top came in to existence because poeple do not want to accept they have gained weight.  The biggest culprit or indicator of weight gain is usually is the JEAN!!!

I dont care how much stretch they put in denim these days, they always show that commercial women laying on the bed to put them on.

Now those women in the commercials do not have muffin top so what makes you think you with your tummy should really want to wear something that doesn’t fit.

And if that isn’t bad enough , the TIGHT ASS , SPANDEX Crying cause your stretching out shirt has to be worn to exacerbate (big word I know, GOOGLE IT) the muffin top issue.

See what I mean!!!!!

Do me a favor, wear a top that flow or is loose fitting. One of fashion rules especially in outfitting, if you are wearing one tight piece, the other piece should be looser.

Play up your sex appeal not your NAST – A appeal.