Work and Rest – Two Looks from Oxford and Regent (Brand Carried by JCPenney)

 My Job is a visual specialist at JC Penney so you may see me reference the brands there a lot.  The main reason is I get to touch the clothes and put outfits together on mannequins to sell the garments. It has definitely helped my experience as a budding a stylist. It almost like having access to the biggest closet in the world 🙂 

 Yesterday, I had to create a boutique look for one of the brand Oxford & Regent.  Oxford & Regent new spring has such a free feeling in the tank tops, scoop neck tops and free form jacket.  They also have a great Boyfriend Jacket with a great stripe lining with 2 Button down shirts, one in blue and one in pink. After creating  the shop,  I dressed 2 female mannequins with clothes from Oxford & Regent with a lil help from I heart Ronson and She Said.  This was only due to not having any bottoms in Oxford & Regent in the new spring assortment.  Photo courtesy of Draco Photography ( which is me also) 🙂

Now the reason why I titled this Work and Rest is that the two outfits basically show a lady at work and at rest

The Mannequin on the left is wearing the Oxford & Regent Button down Henley in both white and purple. Price for each $19.99.  She is also wearing the Oxford & Regent Black zip jacket priced for $ 29.99. The pants are from I heart ronson which are the harem pants priced for $29.99.

The whole look is comfort.

Now as for her best friend, She is all work.  She has on the Oxford & Regent boyfriend jacket priced at $49.99 with the pink striped button down shirt priced at $29.99 and the button henley in white price $19.99. The pants are from She Said white extreme flare pant (they have a great texture and cool detailing on the pockets) priced at $29.99.  The necklace is from MIX it. ( Sorry loves don’t have the sale price for you now).

As you can tell, dressing for any situation of you life doesn’t have to cost you so much.   My job has inspired me to write this blog and I do hope you all are enjoying the Price Conscious fashionista journey 😉


Fashion Love – She Said ( brand carried by JCPenney)

Yes Middle America’s department store has grown up and has copped a brand new attitude.  JCPenney is speaking to every demographic especially in the women’s arena with the introduction of Fashionable brands such as I Heart Ronson, She Said, Bisou Bisou by Michelle Bohbot,  Allen B and Oxford Regent.  All these brands represent a customer who wants to be fashionable and not break the bank for it.

This particular entry is for She Said. She said reminds me of that speciality boutique found in areas like soho and Williamsburg that have about 20 pieces of each item and you better get while its their cause they change what they carry everyday.

We all know the trend of the biker chic and She said has decided that it isn’t necessary to always be in black . Enter the She Said Faux leather bone colored jacket.  Fab Jacket isn’t . Currently Priced at $49.99 on  A great add-on to this jacket are the She Said Bubble short in Ecru. 

 Currently on sale for $24.99, great addition to your upcoming Summer 2010 wardrobe.  To work a wonderful top in , I would suggest the she said gathered top currently priced at $29.99.

  This outfit is perfect for that late spring into early summer days &  nights . But what outfit would be complete without some Kick ass shoes. Enter the Bisou Bisou Impala sandal  currently priced at $48.99. Hopefully you budding price conscious fashionistas can see my purpose.  Remember it doesn’t have to cost a lot to look FABULOUS!!!!!!!