Kanye West’s Paris Debut – hot or not

I happened to be surfing around I found an article on Kanye West’s Fashion runway debut in Paris.  all Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Now while I only posted a few here, you can see more at Fashionista.com.  After looking at all of the pieces, I will agree that there is a problem of fit. Models are living and breathing mannequins and everything should fit them well. This is why these girls are chosen for runway. Overall, I personally thought it was a decent first effort but it doesn’t have any cohesion or voice. There was not really a theme to the collection and I am not sure the roughness around the edges of the designs were to represent his roughness around the edges.

If he should want to try again, suggest getting a great design and sewing team. I am also not  sure why he felt the need to rush his debut. He would have probably done better had he waited to debut for fall/winter 2012 show season.

But am I sure he will bounce back from what the article stated. After all , it is Kanye we are talking about here 🙂


Summer Season ends the dreaded season of Muffin Top- THANK YOU :)

Every season in fashion, we see trends come and go. One trend however seems to be recurring….. the dreaded muffin top. Every late spring early summer, young women seem to want to show more flesh than is truly necessary.



Loves this Image because this is what I see everyday

So please explain to me why that is?!!?!?

Now while I know there are people who will say, I am proud of my body and its curves and imperfections.. OK I get that.

BUT…… BUT how is muffin top acceptable on someone who does not have fat really anywhere else but around the tummy area and WHY do you need to subject me to it?

I mean after all, no one would talk about muffin top if it was contained in the privacy of people’s homes.

Now there are so many ways to respect yourself and the rest of the world and take care of not showing your “Excess Baggage”.

Muffin top came in to existence because poeple do not want to accept they have gained weight.  The biggest culprit or indicator of weight gain is usually is the JEAN!!!

I dont care how much stretch they put in denim these days, they always show that commercial women laying on the bed to put them on.

Now those women in the commercials do not have muffin top so what makes you think you with your tummy should really want to wear something that doesn’t fit.

And if that isn’t bad enough , the TIGHT ASS , SPANDEX Crying cause your stretching out shirt has to be worn to exacerbate (big word I know, GOOGLE IT) the muffin top issue.

See what I mean!!!!!

Do me a favor, wear a top that flow or is loose fitting. One of fashion rules especially in outfitting, if you are wearing one tight piece, the other piece should be looser.

Play up your sex appeal not your NAST – A appeal.




Because that’s the way UH huh, I like it, UH HUH— A lil bit Of 70’s touch

Hey Lovelies.  Well, I got to make a lil boutique shop for the Brand She Said… Carried by JCPenney.  She Said is making some really great slouchy pieces that have a truly retro feel almost going back to the 70’s but 70″s Glam where you have great color and shine.

I put 2 outfits together to make my ladies look FAB!!!!!

These are my party girls so lets price what they are wearing , shall we? 😉 you can order all these great pieces at JCPenney.com

For my girl on the left, she is wearing She Said Drawstring Print blouse currently priced at $29.99, raw earth top underneath priced $19.99 and the skinny pant is $29.99. The necklace and bracelets are from MIX IT.  MIX IT has kick ass accessories (side note).

For my girl on the right, she is wearing my current fav She Said Faux leather jacket $49.99, Extreme Flare Pant $29.99 and asymetrical knit top $29.99. Once again, chain necklace is from MIX IT.

Enjoy the lil flashback my price conscious loves 🙂

Trend Colors – Citrus Yellows & Lime Greens

Lets Talk about colors.. The colors for spring are citrus fruits  Yellows , Greens and Oranges.  So ladies, let brighten up our wardrobes.

One of my co-workers introduced me to a new site called  greatglam.com.  I will warn ya. It is definitely for you lovelies who wanna keep it extra sexy.  I have found a few pieces that work with the color trend while keeping you looking like hot MAMAS

First up YELLOW ” announcement dress”  $26.80. Told ya..Hot mama dress but I think it is very cute. I would recommend it for those who have a great hourglass figure and no muffin top. Please ladies.  To quote my girl Nafessa ” Thats disrespectful”

Next up Beautiful green Tunic called Dream Role $ 21.80

Another top Clearing secret in a lovely orange $21.80

Here is the lucky mint Dress $29.80. Love the v in the front with just the right amount of cleavage to be seen. Wicked grin

There are also some shoes that also look like they cool be great fun to wear priced $28.80, $29.80 and $30.80 respectively. Enjoy the looks ladies 🙂

Let’s become “Clog” Horses ;)

I dedicate this blog to one of my new friends , Jessica who seems to have her pulse on this trend for the summer CLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are UGG Clogs listed on Zappos for $130.00

Yes I said it people Clogs.  Now before you start to have a hissy fit about the above price of those clogs, I will give you my philosophy on buying shoes.  Ladies, your feet are important to take care of like you hair , nails and any other beauty regimen you may have.  Remember, feet help you get around and you should always be comfortable.  I believe you should definitely spend good money on shoes but I don’t want you to spend $130.00 on clogs. 🙂  

Let me be the fiscally responsible  fashionista and find you some fashionable clogs for a great price.  One site that I love and I am sure most of you have shopped is Zappos.com. I wish I could visit Zappos one day just to see the size of what their warehouse and order processing must look like. 🙂

First up White Mountain Clog named Nacho  in  Chocolate Brown priced for $69.00 on Zappos.com.  White mountain is a fantastic brand and they make comfy shoes. I know this cause I used to work a for a company that did lots of business with them and I own a pair of their shoes 😉 These clogs have a wonderful embellishments and have the almost traditional look of a great clog.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

Next up , The Spring step Cheri at Shoebuy.com for $59.95.  Now I chose these for pure cuteness factor. Loving the flower and the buckle. Nice change for a shoe that’s a usual slip-on .

Last but not least for you Divas, I give you the Jessica Simpson Korrin Clog priced at Shoebuy.com for $63.16 ( currently 20% off from $79.00). I have from very trusted sources (aka my friends) that Jessica Simpson’s shoes are extremely comfy so I’m passing that lil tidbit on to you. If you don’t agree, blame my friends 🙂  Noticed the fur around the opening and the man-made sole which looks to have a good grip which is good for you walking fashionistas.  I don’t recommend you walk around in heels all day unless you been doing that since birth. For those just getting used to idea of heels, treat it like you learning to walk and take baby steps when learning to walk in heels.

So Lovelies, you know what your next step is. Get you some superfly clogs and pair them with your fav dress or capris.

Work and Rest – Two Looks from Oxford and Regent (Brand Carried by JCPenney)

 My Job is a visual specialist at JC Penney so you may see me reference the brands there a lot.  The main reason is I get to touch the clothes and put outfits together on mannequins to sell the garments. It has definitely helped my experience as a budding a stylist. It almost like having access to the biggest closet in the world 🙂 

 Yesterday, I had to create a boutique look for one of the brand Oxford & Regent.  Oxford & Regent new spring has such a free feeling in the tank tops, scoop neck tops and free form jacket.  They also have a great Boyfriend Jacket with a great stripe lining with 2 Button down shirts, one in blue and one in pink. After creating  the shop,  I dressed 2 female mannequins with clothes from Oxford & Regent with a lil help from I heart Ronson and She Said.  This was only due to not having any bottoms in Oxford & Regent in the new spring assortment.  Photo courtesy of Draco Photography ( which is me also) 🙂

Now the reason why I titled this Work and Rest is that the two outfits basically show a lady at work and at rest

The Mannequin on the left is wearing the Oxford & Regent Button down Henley in both white and purple. Price for each $19.99.  She is also wearing the Oxford & Regent Black zip jacket priced for $ 29.99. The pants are from I heart ronson which are the harem pants priced for $29.99.

The whole look is comfort.

Now as for her best friend, She is all work.  She has on the Oxford & Regent boyfriend jacket priced at $49.99 with the pink striped button down shirt priced at $29.99 and the button henley in white price $19.99. The pants are from She Said white extreme flare pant (they have a great texture and cool detailing on the pockets) priced at $29.99.  The necklace is from MIX it. ( Sorry loves don’t have the sale price for you now).

As you can tell, dressing for any situation of you life doesn’t have to cost you so much.   My job has inspired me to write this blog and I do hope you all are enjoying the Price Conscious fashionista journey 😉

With Spring on its way, The trench coat is not far behind

As we are getting ever closer to spring and beautiful spring like days appear, the time to shed the heavy down filled coat is coming. With that said what could possibly be the in between jacket or coat to tie us beautiful ladies over. Enter the trench. Now we all know the Trench has a solid history made famous by no other than London Fog. Yes London Fog has some beautiful trenches but since I’m trying to save you ladies a few dollars, here are a few recommendations.

First up  Gap Mid Length Trench Price $88.00.  I know I know $88.00 may seem pricey but being from the Gap, one of the more well trusted American retailers, you honestly can’t go wrong. Beauty is it is 100% cotton, machine washable and comes in petite and tall sizes. (perfect for a girl like me)

Second Target or Tar-jey ( its boutique pronunciation) Mossimo Satin wrap Trench Price $ 39.99. A lil less than half than the Gap trench, this jacket is 100% polyester nylon with a 100% polyester nylon lining. Fabulous Color to brighten your spirits.   Drawback though Dry clean Only 😦

Third up OLD Navy Cotton/ Linen blend trench.  Old navy has definitely stepped up its game as of late but that because the Gap finally realiszed they can make quality clothing while not charging an arm and leg. Price $49.50.  Blend is 55% linen and 45% cotton and Yes it is machine washable loves.

Now there are a plethora of trenches out there but I chose the ones I would love to keep in my closet. Remember price conscious fashionistas, we always need a classic item as part of our wardrobe 😉

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