Fashion Love – Forever 21 Online

If you notice , I put Forever 21 Online as the fashion love.  The reason why is most of us have been in a Forever 21 and it is always crowded and being in NYC, looks like a damn tornado done hit the place. To be honest, when I go in a Forever 21, I only go for accessories. This is because they are the easiest to pick up and buy.  I do my shopping at forever 21 online and I have to tell the difference is like night and day. Forever 21 Online has such a clean layout and the shopping experience is amazing.  My fav part about shopping online there is the amount of Brands they have such as Heritage 1981,  Twelve by Twelve, Love 21, Faith 21 and HTG 1981 for kids.  For you budding fashionistas out there, I highly suggest you visit Twelve by Twelve. They have amazing pieces that are almost like you are shopping in a boutique. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received from the Twelve by Twelve pieces I own. My most recent acquisition is the Military Sweater Dress.  Now this lovely number on me is a serious mini dress  but I love it.  This is huge first step in my girly transformation.   This Dress is $34.00 

Now we all know Forever 21 is great on prices and while the Twelve by Twelve line may seem a lil more from Forever 21 regular prices, remember you are getting great pieces that honestly wont break you bank. So Shop Forever 21 online till you drop and find your inner price conscious fashionista.